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Live your virtual xperience

Diesel x neuno nft

NFTs will include VIRTUAL and IN REAL LIFE exclusive experiences

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The Diesel x neuno NFT is an exclusive offering for neuCard holders, D:Verse members and Reserve List sign-ups. Each will receive:

  • 1 Diesel x neuno NFT
  • 1 custom Decentraland wearable
  • A ticket to access the Diesel’s party during the, kicking off from 5pm to 7pm on Wednesday, 22nd June at Diesel’s Soho flagship store

Drop available for 1 week

D:Verse members and neuCard holder snapshots taken 2 hours before launch.


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What is the Diesel x neuno partnership?
Diesel has exclusively partnered with neuno to recreate the Prototype 3D sneaker as a limited-edition NFT.
How can I get one?
They are gifted, you just need to pay the gas fee and have an ETH wallet

Head to, connect your wallet and happy minting!
How do I get on the Reserved List for the Diesel?
Our Reserved List is now closed.

We began collecting spots back in November to those that signed up to our special Diesel page. We have then reached out to all that registered to capture their ETH wallet

Also owners of our neuCard will automatically get on a special Reservation list. Keep an eye out for twitter announcements and in the discord.

The rest of the spots will be available to the D Verse members for minting. minting

Check for a live tracker of how many NFTs are minted and how many are available.
What blockchain is the Diesel x neuno NFT minted on?